Mortality trends in diabetes

A Swedish study analysed more than 30 years of information about patients with diabetes. 

It aimed to discover if mortality rates in diabetes have declined to the same degree as in general population.

Data collection began in 1972 when all new cases of diabetes started to be included in a district diabetes register. This gradually accumulated information about 36 patients with type 1 diabetes and 740 with type 2 diabetes. There were 400 men and 376 women.

Each patient was matched with five people, of the same sex and age, without diabetes. This gave a cohort of 2000 men and 1880 women. During the 33 years of follow-up, 473 of the patients died, compared with 2077 of the control group. The hazard ratio, between patients and controls, for all cause mortality was 1.13 for men and 1.22 for women.

Most of the deaths were related to cardiovascular diseases. Patients with diabetes had a significantly increased risk of dying of coronary heart