No amount of blood alcohol is safe for driving: study

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of California, examined the Fatality Analysis Reporting System database, which included details of more than half a million (570,731) vehicle accident cases. 

Drivers with any alcohol present in the bloodstream were classed as 'buzzed'.

Researchers found that drivers with a BAC of even .01 were 46% more likely to be found responsible for multiple vehicle accidents compared to the sober drivers involved.

“There appears to be no safe combination of drinking and driving. Even minimally buzzed drivers pose increased risk to themselves and to others,” the researchers said. 

“There is no threshold effect — no sudden transition from blameless to blamed drivers. Instead, sole official blame increases smoothly and strongly with BAC.”

The authors recommended that legislators consider reducing the US BAC level from .08 to the .05, in line with