Not vaccinating is child abuse: WA AMA

In an interview on ABC radio, Dr Michael Gannon said he was speaking out because of increasing concern that more and more parents in Perth are choosing not to vaccinate their children. 

“Western Australia is the poorest performing state when it comes to childhood vaccination rates… we had four cases of measles in the whole of the state last year, we’re already up to 33 [this year] and we’re only in August.
We’ve heard about some cases in metropolitan Melbourne recently. This is laziness and complacency on the part of parents and we need to try and get the message out there," he said. 

Victorian health authorities said on Thursday that there had been three confirmed cases and a further two suspected cases of measles at the Essendon North Primary School.

The state’s chief medical officer Dr Rosemary Lester said Victoria had a 92% vaccination rate for measles in children under five.