Oatmeal now on the menu for imaging

EGGS are no longer the only item on the menu for patients undergoing molecular imaging of their gastrointestinal function.

Nuclear medicine technologists can expand their culinary repertoire to include porridge, according to a paper presented at the Society for Nuclear Medicine’s 58th annual meeting in Texas.

“The current standard for molecular imaging of gastric emptying is radiolabelling egg meal, but there are patients who, either due to lifestyle choices or allergies, cannot eat eggs,” a researcher from Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital said in a statement.

“With this research we have demonstrated that there is an equally effective way to label oatmeal for gastric emptying studies.”

Their paper described how Tc-99m SC (sulfur colloid), oatmeal and boiling water could be combined in a porridge that was just as effective as radiolabelled egg.