Occasional sexual activity can be bad for your health

EPISODIC sexual or physical activity increases the risk of acute cardiac events at least threefold, a systematic review and meta-analysis shows.

The review of 14 case-crossover studies found non-habitual physical activity or sex could be a trigger for myocardial infarction (MI) or sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Seven studies involving 5500 patients found a strong association between episodic physical activity and MI (RR 3.45) and three studies found the risk of SCD was increased nearly fivefold.

Four studies including nearly 3000 patients found unaccustomed sexual activity was associated with an increased risk of infarct (RR 2.70).

However, the exposures were infrequent and their effect transient, so the impact on an individual’s absolute event rate was small, the researchers said.

In addition, the increased risks were strongly modified by increased physical activity,they said.

Individuals with higher levels of