One in 10 Australians using mental health services

The report, Mental Health Services in Australia – in Brief 2013, also estimates that 45% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 will experience a mental health-related disorder in their lifetime, while 20% will experience symptoms of a mental health disorder each year.

Almost $6.9 billion was spent in 2010–11 on mental health-related services such as GP consultations, hospital outpatient centres, residential aged care facilities and community mental health services. 

“Spending on mental health services increased by almost 6% per Australian per year over the five years to 2010–11,” AIHW spokeswoman Dr Pamela Kinnear said.

Dr Kinnear added that 80% of all mental health-related emergency department presentations had been classed as urgent, while the overall number of mental health presentations at EDs had risen by 3% compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Peter Dutton announced he