One in eight young women experience incontinence

A SURVEY of 1000 otherwise healthy young women by researchers at Monash University has found that as many as one in eight experience urinary incontinence.

The study, in women aged 16–30 years with an average BMI of 22, provides new information on urinary incontinence by looking at subjects who have never been pregnant, the researchers said.

They found 12.6% of the women had urinary incontinence, with 6.2% experiencing stress incontinence, 4.5% experiencing urge incontinence and 1.9% experiencing both.

“We found that women are more likely to have incontinence if they had been sexually active, however this was 50% less likely amongst this group if they were taking the oral contraceptive pill,” researcher Tessa O’Halloran, a PhD student, said.

“Interestingly, women were more likely to experience incontinence if they had a history of bedwetting after the age of five.”

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