Online lung function predictor for COPD patients

The tool, called the Lung Age Estimator, is one of the components of the Primary Care Respiratory Toolkit released by the Australian Lung Foundation.

The estimator works by taking a person’s age, height and lung function test results to create a personalised graph showing their lung function compared to normal, and what it would be if they did or did not stop smoking.

Adelaide GP Dr Kerry Hancock, who was involved in developing the toolkit, said all the GPs who were shown the estimator were keen to use it.

“As a GP and potential user of this resource, I understand the complexity of COPD management and the difficulty we, as GPs, have in accessing evidence-based guidance which is practical and available in a timely fashion –
often when I have the patient sitting in front of me,” Dr Hancock said.

The resource, which was developed by GPs for GPs, is based on The COPD-X Plan: Australian and New Zealand