Osteoporotic fracture risk tools

Multiple factors contribute to an individual’s osteoporotic fracture risk. A fracture risk calculator can be useful because the presence of one major risk factor (such as low bone mineral density [BMD]) does not reliably predict overall fracture risk.1 Two calculators that estimate osteoporotic fracture risk in the next 5–10 years are available online.2,3

Assess each person’s individual overall osteoporotic fracture risk by taking into account the many factors that contribute to this risk.4 Some risk factors are modifiable: address these wherever possible (e.g. remove fall hazards in the home such as loose rugs). Some risk factors decrease BMD while others increase fracture risk independently of BMD. Take into account medical conditions and medicines being taken, as well as lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking, alcohol intake and physical activity).5,6

A fracture risk calculator can be used as part of this