Outrageous obesity options

Pay dividends for Type 2 diabetes risk reduction:  

The cost to Government of patients with type 2 diabetes can average up to $15,000 per person per year. In many cases this is predictable, with a significant lag time between the early stages (pre-diabetes) and the end diagnosis, offering an opportunity for secondary prevention. 

The missing link, however, is patient motivation. A Lifestyle Incentive Program (LIP) could be offered to patients with an HbA1c above a certain level by getting patients to invest an amount suitable for the patient into a Medicare fund. If the patient manages to reduce their HbA1c to normal within a set period, a dividend of, say, five times the amount invested is re-paid to the patient and an annual dividend paid on long-term maintenance. 

If it doesn’t happen, the money is paid into a diabetes education fund. Stock market returns are less reliable, less ethical and less direct.