Ovarian cancer risk higher after IVF

RESEARCHERS are calling for more studies into the long-term effects of IVF after a study revealed women undergoing ovarian stimulation for IVF have a twofold increased risk of ovarian malignancies.

The cohort study from the Netherlands is the first to compare a range of ovarian cancer outcomes in a group of IVF patients against a group of subfertile women who have not had IVF.

The study involved more than 19,000 women who received at least one IVF treatment with ovarian stimulation between 1983 and 1995 and 6000 untreated women.

After nearly 15 years follow-up, the IVF group had twice the risk of any ovarian malignancy and four times the risk of borderline ovarian tumours defined as low-grade, less aggressive malignancies, compared to the non-IVF group.

A “concerning finding” was an increased risk of invasive ovarian cancer among women receiving IVF compared to the general female population, but