Pain relief side effects outweigh benefits for RA patients

In a Cochrane review, researchers from Monash University examined the literature on neuromodulators finding only a small number of studies and none testing new agents such as pregabalin.

Trial quality was poor, but the researchers did find some evidence for oromucosal cannabis and topical capsaicin in reducing pain.

Two trials evaluated oral nefopam and suggested it was significantly better than placebo, they said, however side effects for this drug and for cannabis “seem to outweigh any modest benefit achieved”.

Until more research findings were available, they recommended capsaicin as an add-on therapy.

In a separate review, the researchers looked at the evidence for antispasmodic and antispasticity agents but could find no trials to include that were of longer duration than two weeks.

They found there was no evidence of pain relief with muscle relaxants alone or in addition to NSAIDS when compared to