Partner preference main reason women spurn breastfeeding

A PARTNER’S preference for their baby to be bottle- rather than breastfed is one of the main reasons women start supplementing, an Australian study shows.

Women are prematurely stopping exclusive breastfeeding at “alarmingly high” rates, Tasmanian researchers have found.

 The study of 22,000 mother and infant pairs found half had stopped exclusively breastfeeding by two months, and by four months it was more than 75%.

The data comes from a 2010 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare cross-sectional survey. 

“This confirms that exclusive breastfeeding up until six months of age is not common practice despite recommendations to do so,” the authors write.

 The disease burden from not adhering to the recommendation is “a serious public health concern”, they say. 

The study found the biggest impact on stopping exclusive breastfeeding