Patients with psychosis turning to their GPs

A survey of nearly 2000 patients with psychosis, funded by the federal health department and SANE Australia, showed 42% of the patients saw their GP for a review of their psychotic symptoms.

The survey showed half the patients saw their GP for a mental health related visit, including a third for depression or anxiety.

Patients with psychosis were seeing their GPs nine times a year on average, nearly twice as frequently as the general population.

Dr Caroline Johnson, a spokesperson on mental health for the RACGP, said she was “pleasantly surprised” to see that patients with psychosis were highly engaged with their GP.

“That’s as it should be,” Dr Johnson said.

“These patients need a lot of care, not just for their mental illness; they also need care for their physical illness, a lot of which is exacerbated by the treatments for their psychosis.”

Dr Johnson said GPs often got