PE risk for pregnant women after IVF

Swedish researchers looked at 23,498 women who gave birth after IVF between 1990 and 2008 and 116,960 women matched for age who had natural pregnancies. Their median age was 33 years.

The proportion of women who had undergone IVF diagnosed with VTE was 4.2 in 1000 compared to 2.5 in 1000 unexposed women.

The risk of pulmonary embolism in women after IVF was increased almost sevenfold during the first trimester, although the absolute risk was low (2–3 additional cases of pulmonary embolism per 10,000 pregnancies).

There was no difference in risk between the two groups prior to pregnancy or during the year after delivery.

“Pulmonary embolism is, however, an elusive condition that is difficult to diagnose and is a leading cause of maternal death. Our finding is therefore important to health professionals dealing with women who are recently pregnant after in vitro fertilisation,” the authors said.

The results