People not losing sleep over pace of modern life

IT’S a myth that the pace of modern life causes us to sleep less, say researchers from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Sydney.

Their systematic review, including 12 studies dating from the 1960s, has found that nightly sleep appears to have increased in many countries.

Self-reported average sleep duration increased in seven countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, France, Britain, Korea and the Netherlands) and decreased in only six countries (Japan, Russia, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Austria).

Equivocal results were found for the United States and Sweden, the researchers said

“Short sleep durations have been linked to poorer health outcomes and therefore significant decreases in sleep duration may pose a challenge to public health,” they said.

While the study showed there had not been a consistent decrease in sleep duration over the last 40 years, it could not determine whether the proportion of