Poor awareness of hypoglycaemia causes

Patients with type 2 diabetes may not really understand the risks of hypoglycaemia, a US-based nationwide survey of 2540 adults has found.

Fifty-five per cent of the patients had experienced low blood sugar, often while working, driving or exercising.

The survey showed that many people did not understand what key factors can contribute. 

Many could not identify leading causes, such as skipping a meal – 27% did not know that this could lead to hypoglycaemia.

A further 35% of the patients surveyed did not realise that certain medications for diabetes could increase the risk, and 46% didn’t know that excessive exercise can lead to it.

While more than one-half of the patients expressed concern over future episodes, significant proportions of them did not know many of the key symptoms – for example, more than one in five did not know that shakiness was a symptom of hypoglycaemia.

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