Poor showing on junk food nutrition labelling

A first-ever audit of the Australian food industry’s FOP food labelling system found that the Daily Intake Guide (DIG) – which has been in use since 2006 – was displayed on the FOP of 66% of products audited, but most of these (75%) did not report saturated fat and sugar content.

The data showed only generic supermarket energy-dense nutrient-poor (EDNP) products were likely to display saturated fat and sugar content, compared with very few branded products.

"This may be owing to their primary competitive strategy being low pricing, rather than packaging, whereas mainstream branded products cannot ignore packaging as an essential aspect of their marketing," the report stated.

Branded products not displaying fat and sugar content contained on average 10 times more saturated fat and nearly twice as much sugar than those displaying the information.

The audit scrutinised 728 EDNP products made by 43 different companies,