Preventive work put into practice

GPs in the Puy-de-Dôme area of central France have participated in a survey of these activities.

In addition to completing a demographic questionnaire, the 179 GPs also assessed a random sample of 2453 of their own records for preventive services. These services were compared with 20 activities recommended by the French National Authority for Health.

The GPs performed well in screening for hyperlipidaemia and diabetes. They made these measurements in more than 90% of adult patients. Preventive activities which were not frequently performed included testing for toxoplasmosis and assessing the risk of falls. 

Alcohol consumption was evaluated in less than 12% of people. 

The rate of immunisation was not ideal. For example, only 53% of the target population had been immunised against influenza.

The GPs’ characteristics influenced how closely they followed the recommendations for prevention.