Professor backs calls for vaccine compensation

GENERAL practice academic Professor Mark Nelson has backed calls for a no-fault compensation scheme for vaccine-attributable serious adverse events, revealing his sister had acquired a brain injury.

In a letter to the MJA, Professor Nelson, from the Menzies Research Institute, Hobart, said the few who have been harmed by vaccines “should not be forgotten by the millions who have benefited”.

“If only such a scheme had been available in the early 1960s, when my sister (who has approved this letter) developed encephalitis secondary to a vaccinia inoculation,” he wrote.

“Then she, and our parents, would have been spared decades of struggling with the sequelae of this acquired brain injury in a ‘fault averse’ system.”

The Public Health Association of Australia recently called for special provisions covering vaccination to be included in the proposed National Injury Insurance Scheme (MO, 2