Psoriasis linked to resistant hypertension needing multiple drugs

PATIENTS with hypertension and psoriasis may need multiple agents to control their blood pressure (BP), a study has found.

US researchers matched 835 cases of patients with both hypertension and psoriasis to around 2500 controls with hypertension but without psoriasis. 

They found that more severe hypertension, defined by the number of antihypertensive medications the patients received, was significantly associated with psoriasis even after adjusting for diabetes and hyperlipidaemia and postulated that adipose tissue in these patients increased angiotensin II promoting salt retention and inflammation.

Patients with psoriasis and hypertension were five times more likely to be using a single-antihypertensive drug, 10 times more likely to be using dual therapy, and 20 times more likely to be using quadruple therapy or a centrally acting agent, than patients with hypertension  who did not have psoriasis.

Professor Christopher Reid,