Radical, dude, till you lose an eye

The serious sequelae of some of these accidents suggested surfers may want to consider using protective headgear or even modifying their boards, they said.

In a study to determine the incidence of surfboard-related eye injuries, researchers wrote to all ophthalmologists and to 16 coastal and teaching hospitals in NSW.

This turned up 10 cases occurring during a 12-month period, including one self-reported by a patient.

While most of the injuries were mild, needing only suture of lacerations and causing no lasting visual impairment, some were more serious.

One man experienced corneal and scleral laceration and vitreous haemorrhage, resulting in partial blindness.

Another lost an eye after a penetrating injury caused orbital fracture, posterior globe rupture and eyelid lacerations.

The patients ranged in age from nine to 71 years and eight were male.

While most of the injuries occurred in the ocean, one was