Rare gene found to prevent body odour

UK researchers have analysed a sample of 17,000 mothers and children to see if they carry a rare gene called ABC11, which prevents the carrier from producing underarm odour. 

They found that 2% of the mothers were carriers of the gene, but despite this, almost 80% of them continued to use deodorant.   

“We believe that these people simply follow socio-cultural norms,” the authors wrote. “These individuals could avoid the chemical exposures, dermatological… or other health risks… and cost without social disadvantage.” 

The study revealed the reverse was also true, and 5% of the “genetically odorous” women and 13% of men need to use deodorant but don’t.

In northeast Asia only 7% of people use deodorant, and indeed, most people there don’t need it, the researchers noted.

“A simple gene test might strengthen self-awareness and save some