‘Really strange and weird’: Psychologist guilty of misconduct

The patient was referred to Darryl Dewar in October 2012 by a general practitioner whose mental health care plan had identified several specific areas of investigation including “possible suicidal ideation”.

However, Mr Dewar, 58, who surrendered his registration in April last year after the allegations were made, did not make any appropriate examinations of the patient and also failed to keep any notes of the first consultation.

A highly critical expert’s report stated that at this first session Mr Dewar should have investigated a number of areas, including thoroughly exploring the patient’s mood and sleep difficulties.

Three weeks after the consultation, the patient complained that Mr Dewar had been “really strange and weird”, that he used language of an offensive and highly sexualised nature and had suggested he should stay over at her house after inviting her on a fishing trip.

Asked if he had any