A reason to chew slowly

A JAPANESE-based study has indicated that being a fast eater may correlate with an elevated risk of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). 

In the study, conducted at Tsukuba Medical Centre, 172 men and women provided information about their eating patterns. Participants also underwent voluntary medical checkups, which included a 75 g oral glucose tolerance test. 

The self-reported data on eating patterns showed that 44% of participants said they were fast eaters, 15% skipped meals, 19% snacked frequently, 42% were late-night eaters and 22% ate out frequently. 

When the researchers followed up three years later, they found that fast eating was significantly associated with the development of IGT, independent of body mass index. 

None of the other eating patterns correlated with an increased risk of IGT.

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice; online 12 Sept