Reducing acne gel skin irritation

Topical treatments for acne can cause troublesome skin irritation but there are simple strategies that may provide relief.

Patients should apply a thin film of adapalene-BPO at night. The affected skin should be washed with a low-irritant, soap-free cleanser and allowed to dry before applying the gel.1 To reduce the risk of sun sensitivity, residual adapalene-BPO gel should be washed off in the morning using soap-free cleanser.2 Some patients may benefit from applying a non-comedogenic moisturiser daily while using adapalene-BPO.1 

Advise patients that vigorous scrubbing or excessive washing of the affected area, i.e. more than twice a day, can make acne worse.3,4 Avoid excessive sun exposure, and suggest appropriate protective clothing and a non-comedogenic, SPF30+ broad spectrum sunscreen.3 

Note that antibiotics used in combination with topical acne therapies may increase the risk of photosensitivity. 

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