Reform is in the air, and it’s not a give-or-take option

The recent grounding saw around 400 rural doctors and others stranded in Alice Springs after RDAA and ACRRM’s annual conference. I have to say I have considerable sympathy for Qantas management.

The company is caught between ever increasing competition (with passengers trawling the internet for discounts equivalent to the price of a few beers in a Bali bar), rising fuel prices, the high dollar, competition with government-subsidised airlines, and sections of its workforce that want to maintain work practices no longer relevant in today’s global paradigm.

According to investment advisor Roger Montgomery from the Eureka Report, airlines are not a good investment. Return on equity is poor, share prices are way below the index drop, and costs are high.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the dispute is the personal and bigoted targeting of Alan Joyce by the unions and government, then taken up by the general public. This strategy has