Researchers make final plea to Govt on funding

RESEARCHERS have made a final appeal to the Federal Government not to cut NHMRC funding in next week’s Federal Budget.

Writing in the latest edition of the MJA, George Institute principal director Dr Stephen MacMahon, along with Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute director Dr Garry Jennings and Florey Neuroscience Institute director Dr Geoffrey Donnan, argued a cut to the NHMRC budget would compromise the health of generations of future Australians.

The letter pointed to the world-changing and Nobel prize-winning results of Barry Marshall and J. Robin Warren – who discovered the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease – as a prime example of the potential of Australian medical research.

“It would only take a small cut to the NHMRC budget to have a serious impact on medical research outputs, denying Australians access to the best available preventative therapies, diagnostics and