Round three of the AusDiab study begins

HOW close is the link between diabetes, obesity and cancer? And just how significant are certain risk factors, such as hypertension, when it comes to developing diabetes? 

These are some of the important questions being addressed by researchers at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Victoria, in ‘round three’ of the longitudinal AusDiab study, now underway.

While the lifestyle link to type 2 diabetes has long been known, many of the nuances within this field of medicine have remained a mystery. However, Australian researchers are among the world leaders in the search to solve them. 

Over the next year, the AusDiab team will be collecting detailed data on areas such as physical function and frailty, in an attempt to determine their impact on certain health markers. The team will also be analysing the physical environments where people live so they can establish how this relates to physical activity levels and nutrition