Safety of non-smoking hotel rooms questioned

The results prompted a warning for non-smokers to choose completely smoke free hotels in order to avoid "third hand smoke", and a call for a ban on smoke-free exemptions for hotels.

The researchers analysed the surfaces and air quality of hotel rooms for evidence of tobacco smoke pollution — nicotine and 3-ethynylpyridine (3EP) — in a random sample of budget to mid-range hotels in San Diego, California.

Ten hotels operated complete bans and 30 operated partial smoking bans, providing designated non-smoking rooms.

After spending the night at a hotel, two non-smoking research assistants provided urine and finger wipe samples to assess their exposure to nicotine as well as a carcinogen found in tobacco smoke called NKK.

The study showed that smoking in hotels left a legacy of tobacco pollution in both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

"Our findings demonstrate that some non-smoking guest rooms