Salmonella poisoning forces largest-ever food recall

THE United States is embroiled in its largest-ever recall of contaminated food, some 16,300 tonnes of turkey mince potentially contaminated with multidrug-resistant salmonella.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said so far one man had died and 107 people had been made ill from the ground turkey, with nearly 40% requiring hospitalisation.

The ill people range in age from one to 88 years, with the threat hitting 33 states, the CDC said.

Investigators have so far identified 23 people with Salmonella heidelberg, described as one of the most antibiotic-resistant strains.

“This antibiotic resistance may be associated with an increased risk of hospitalisation or possible treatment failure in infected individuals,” the CDC said.

US infectious diseases experts said the popularity of ground turkey had soared as it was perceived to be healthier than ground beef.