Sex divide not as big as we think

A common belief is that for men, relaxation probably means sex, and unlike women they tend to think about it pretty much constantly  – around 8000 times a day according to current dogma.

But a US study has debunked this myth, finding that on average men only think about sex 19 times a day whereas women think about it 10 times a day.

Psychology researchers gave 283 college students golf tally counters and divided them into three groups to record their thoughts pertaining to food, sleep or sex over a week.

The young men did think more about sex than did the young women but they also thought more about other “biological urges” – food and sleep – compared to women. 

On average, the men thought about food nearly 18 times a day, and their minds turned to sleep nearly 11 times a day, whereas for women it was 15 and nine times a day respectively.

But there was huge variation within each gender,