Sleeping man punches, kicks and chokes wife

The case, described in the Medical Journal of Australia, involved a 70-year-old man who reported suffering nearly eight years of increasingly severe sleep disturbances as a result of vivid dreams that related to being chased or attacked.

A battery of tests revealed no signs of obstructive sleep apnoea, psychiatric illness or neurological problems, and blood tests confirmed that there was no influence from any psychotropic medications.

It wasn’t until the patient undertook an overnight sleep study following referral to a specialist sleep clinic by his GP that psychiatrist Dr Richard Weeks was able to diagnose the condition. 

“While asleep, the patient frequently shouted in response to dreams. Violent motor responses were also common,” Dr Weeks reported, describing the attacks the patient’s wife had endured.

“[He] had taken to restraining himself to the frame of his bed with two belts strapped firmly around