Stiff taxes reduce binge drinking

Researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health, who uncovered substantial differences in the binge-drinking rates among many states, found high taxation was a factor in preventing heavy drinking.  

Of the 50 states examined, Tennessee had the highest combined taxes on beer and the lowest binge-drinking rate, at 6.6%.

States with lower alcohol taxes, like Montana, Wisconsin and Delaware, had relatively high binge-drinking rates, the authors said.

They found differences of up to 20% in the binge-drinking rates across all the states.

The study, which analysed data taken over 10 years, found a 1% tax hike on alcohol beverages and a commensurate increase in prices accounted for a 1.4% drop in the proportion of binge drinkers.
“The findings have important public health implications, because alcohol consumption is a leading preventable cause of mortality and morbidity, and of all policies taxes have