Stroke hotspots in Australia identified

The report, published on Monday by the National Stroke Foundation and funded by Boehringer Ingelheim, uses data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to identify where stroke is having its biggest impact.

Tasmania and South Australia have emerged as the states with the highest stroke burden per head of population.

This year there will be 256 strokes in South Australia for every 100,000 residents and 246 in Tasmania. This compares to a national rate of 217.

“Every 10 minutes someone in Australia will suffer a stroke, and there are a thousand cases each week,” said National Stroke Foundation CEO Dr Erin Lalor.

“Close to 12,000 people will die in 2014 from stroke and two-thirds of those that survive will be disabled."

NSW has five of the top 10 stroke survivor hot spots in the country and six of the top 10 for number of strokes.

Almost the entire NSW coast features in the top quarter of