Study finds sizeable advantages to penile extenders

MEN with ‘short penis syndrome’ would be better off using penis extenders than having surgery to increase the length of their penis, researchers suggest.

Italian researchers evaluated five surgical studies and six studies using non-invasive methods of penile lengthening in 121 men.

They found a penis-stretching device called Andropenis, made in Spain, could increase penis length by 1.8 cm after four months.

Another study using the same device showed greater use had more dramatic effects, increasing the length of a flaccid penis by 2.3 cm after six months of daily use for four or more hours a day.

Penile extenders work by applying chronic traction, which is hypothesised to cause soft tissue cellular proliferation. 

No scientific evidence was found for ‘penile lengthening exercises’, the researchers said.
 They concluded penile extenders represented an effective and durable method of penile