Suddenly single take more sexual risks

A RELATIONSHIP breakup may have important health implications, with a study showing those newly single are at three times the risk of contracting an STI and twice as likely to have an abortion.

In a random sample sexual behaviour survey of 4800 women and 4000 men aged 18–44 years, about a third of those who were sexually active had experienced a breakup in the past five years.

The French study found 3% of the individuals in the breakup cohort tested positive for chlamydia, compared with 1% whose relationship status had not changed.

Women who had separated  from their partners were nearly twice as likely to have had an abortion (9% vs 5%) and men who had experienced a breakup were also more likely to report their partner had an abortion.

The study showed women were less likely than men to have used a condom with a new partner (76% vs 82%), “suggesting gender asymmetry in negotiation skills for condom use”.