Surgery magazines a symptom of men's neglect

Townsville GP Dr Greg Canning said despite the release of the federal government’s national men’s health plan in 2010, men’s health remained an issue that required a greater focus in general practice.

“The main issues are more to do with socialisation of men and their beliefs that they need to be tough and work on through sickness and that their perceived roles within family as providers take precedence over their own self-care,” Dr Canning told MO.

Dr Canning believes that surgeries often don’t help by being more female friendly and that there had been discussion at a recent local forum on men's health attended by GPs and practice nurses that even elements such as the lack of male friendly reading material on offer may also be a deterrent to men seeking broader health advice.

“I don’t think though that if all the GP clinics in Australia suddenly replaced their Women’s Weeklies