Tai chi benefit to cardiac patients

TAI chi has the potential to make heart failure patients feel more confident about exercising, a study suggests.

US researchers compared the effect of a 12-week tai chi exercise program with a 12-week education program in 100 heart failure patients with left ventricular ejection fraction less than or equal to 40%.

While there was no difference between the two groups in a six-minute walk test or peak oxygen uptake, patients in the tai chi group had more confidence in performing exercise-related activities than those in the control group.

The tai chi group also doubled daily activity outside of the study class and had improved scores on quality of life and mood scales. 

Three months after the end of the intervention, patients in the tai chi group continued to have improved quality of life scores, although the difference was not significant.

Nearly 70% of the patients in the tai chi group were continuing to practise the