Thin melanoma has 96% survival rate: Aust study

The “heartening” finding of a positive outlook for the vast majority of people with thin melanoma comes from analysis of more than 26,700 cases from the Queensland Cancer Registry.

Researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and Cancer Council Queensland set out to establish survival rates, as despite being the most common melanoma diagnosis, the prognosis for people with thin melanoma has been little studied.

“We have confirmed that the outlook for patients with thin invasive melanoma is generally extremely positive, with only four patients in 100 dying of their disease,” the researchers said.

Overall the study showed that the thinner cutaneous melanomas are at diagnosis, the better the outlook.

People with tumours >0.75mm thick were four times more likely to die than those with tumours <0.25mm.

Other predictors of poor outcome included age, with people aged older than 45 years