Thinking naturally in modern medicine

No-one would take advice from an obese GP who stinks of alcohol and cigarettes, Mike Daube, professor of health policy at Curtin University, says.

GPs, Professor Daube adds, are role models, and it’s a responsibility that the profession has taken to heart.

A recent poll by Medical Observer found 79% of GPs have done exactly that and are practising preventive health in their own lives on a regular basis. 

Of the 491 GPs that reported practising preventive health, 90% said they exercised on a regular basis and did not smoke, while 95% said they maintained a healthy diet. 

And many are taking it a step further, using integrative therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and meditation. 

These findings suggest GPs may not be as sceptical about some elements of integrative medicine as previously thought.

One in two GPs surveyed said they practised meditation on a regular basis, while the