Three-month HbA1c test predicts mortality

HBA1C results achieved by patients three months after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes are a strong predictor of mortality, with high values doubling the risk of death, researchers say.

Early and intensive intervention may be indicated for patients with new-onset disease following analysis of data from a large UK cohort study.

Researchers found individuals with an HbA1c value of 8.5% or more three months after diagnosis had double the mortality rate compared to those with values under 6.5%.

Furthermore, the absolute HbA1c value at three months was a much stronger predictor of premature mortality than the change in level from diagnosis to three months, they said.

A total of 3781 people with new-onset type 2 diabetes, of whom 579 later died, were included in the retrospective analysis. 

Associate Professor Michael d’Emden, director of endocrinology and diabetes at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, said the