Troponin T a marker for post-op outcomes

More than a million patients each year die worldwide within one month of non-cardiac surgery, according to the authors of the global VISION study, which included Australian patients.

The results of the study into measuring troponin T, a protein marker of cardiac injury, had substantial potential to change how patients were monitored after surgery, they said.

Some 15,133 adult patients were enrolled on six continents. Troponin T levels were measured daily during the first three days after surgery. Patients were also followed throughout their hospitalisation and 30 days after surgery.

“VISION demonstrated that a simple blood test strongly identifies which non-cardiac surgery patients are at high risk of dying in the next 30 days,” said the authors.

Coordinator of the Australian arm of the study and head of cardiac research at the George Institute, Dr Clara Chow said recruitment was underway for 900