Trying too hard to have a baby

Many people think that emotional distress can contribute to infertility. To test this belief, a meta-analysis has reviewed psychosocial studies of women requiring assisted reproductive technology such as IVF. A literature search found 1175 reports, but only 14 studies were considered suitable for the review. These studies assessed anxiety and depression in women before a single cycle of treatment.

There were 3583 women in the studies with average ages of 30–37 years. The duration of infertility ranged from 2.6 to 7.8 years.

Three of the studies involved women being treated for the first time. The remainder, including an Australian study, also enrolled previously treated women.

The studies had different outcome measures. Four studies had a positive pregnancy test as an endpoint, eight studies reported fetal scans, but only two used live births as a measure of success.

While several studies suggested a trend towards a reduced