Urine glucose self-monitoring effective

Blood glucose measures were found to improve across both groups equally over the 18-month trial among 292 patients.
Similar improvements were also found in a number of biomedical and psychosocial outcomes, including BMI, weight, blood pressure, wellbeing and perceptions around diabetes.

The University Hospitals of Leicester researchers concluded that if this method of self-monitoring was made widely available, “then it might lead to substantial cost savings without impairing outcomes”.

One strength of the study was that it was conducted in a primary care setting, with participants receiving information and support almost entirely from two initial three-hour education sessions, they said.

This short DESMOND program (Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed) is part of the standardised care pathway in the UK and was launched in Australia in 2011 by Diabetes WA.

It is a non-directive group