Uterine health key in birth outcomes

A HEALTHY uterus is more important than egg quality in allowing women to deliver babies of normal weight after IVF, new research shows.  

The US study compared average birth weight and gestational duration for over 70,000 single births resulting from 300,000 IVF cycles over a three-year period. 

While egg quality was associated with the ability to achieve pregnancy, women diagnosed with uterine abnormalities including fibroids, or with infertility, had babies with the lowest birth weights and gestational ages.  

Male infertility was found not to affect birth weight or gestational age.

Lead author Dr William Gibbons, director of the Family Fertility Program at the Texas Children’s Hospital, said it was the first time a study had demonstrated women’s uterine health was a key factor in achieving normal gestation duration and birth weight.  

Fertility and Sterility 2011, in press