Variability of systolic BP independent risk factor for CVD

In addition to absolute blood pressure, researchers said SBP variability could be a target for reducing cardiovascular risk in elderly patients managed for hypertension.

They used data from the Second Australian National Blood Pressure study to examine SBP variability in 5880 patients aged 65 or older who were being treated for hypertension.

While SBP variability is directly associated with cardiovascular events, especially stroke, in hypertensive populations under 60 years, lead author Dr Enayet Chowdhury said little is known about the relationship or factors associated with increased SBP variability in older groups.

“It’s very difficult to control blood pressure in the elderly and in this study we tried to find out whether systolic variability had an effect on cardiovascular outcomes in the elderly and whether it could have a prognostic value,” he said.

“We found that those patients who had the highest visit-to