Vit D supps provide little health benefit

The authors say vitamin D supplements probably provide little, if any, health benefits.

Dr Mark Bolland of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and colleagues examined evidence from 40 randomised controlled trials to test the effect of vitamin D on a range of skeletal and non-skeletal disorders.

The results of their study indicate the effect of vitamin D, taken with or without calcium, does not alter the relative risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and total fracture. While vitamin D supplementation alone had no effect on hip fracture, co-administered vitamin D and calcium was shown to reduced hip fractures in two trials of institutionalised individuals but did not alter the risk of hip fracture in other patient groups by more than 15%.

Their analysis of whether vitamin D supplementation can reduce mortality by 5% or more was inconclusive.

The findings follow a recent spate of conflicting evidence about the role of vitamin D in