Vitamin C deficiency implicated in vascular disease and stroke

A RECENT Australian case of ischaemic stroke in a patient with scurvy supports the theory for a causal link between vitamin C deficiency and stroke, researchers say.

Responding to a letter in the MJA in 2010 that detailed the case in a 34-year-old man, researchers from the department of metabolic medicine at Brisbane’s Mater Medical Research Institute have suggested a mechanism for the link.

“We propose adiponectin as the causal link between vitamin C deficiency and stroke,” they said in a letter to the most recent MJA.

A recent study showed vitamin C supplementation could increase the amount of adiponectin secreted by adipose tissue. A lack of vitamin C could theoretically reduce this. 

“It is tempting to posit that vitamin C supplementation could have a role as a treatment, or even a prophylactic, in populations at risk of a range of adiponectin-related vascular diseases,” the researchers said.