Vitamin D link to gestational diabetes in doubt

NEW research challenges the link between vitamin D levels in pregnant women and the development of gestational diabetes, researchers say.

A US study found vitamin D levels at baseline in the first trimester of pregnancy were the same in 90 women who developed gestational diabetes compared with 158 women with normoglycaemia.

The result was unchanged after adjusting for women without a history of gestational diabetes, and for BMI and ethnicity.

The finding is at odds with an Australian study showing insufficiency in the third trimester was associated with poorer glycaemic control in gestational diabetes, which prompted a call to supplement vitamin D in pregnancy (MO, 8 April).

Similar to the Australian study, the US study showed first trimester serum vitamin D was inversely associated with the two-hour glucose level on the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).

The authors said it was unclear why vitamin D levels continued to